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Sincerely Roots

Green Bloodstone Sphere Crystal

Green Bloodstone Sphere Crystal

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The bloodstone gem is believed to have protective properties that ward all kinds of threats – from verbal to physical and everything in between. It’s considered to provide guidance and courage to those who need it most. Some people recommend wearing it or even sewing it into your jacket to give you strength in difficult, unfamiliar situations.

When it comes to familial bonding and potential misunderstandings, bloodstone may help ease these difficulties and cultivate a nurturing environment.

If you’re lacking motivation or clarity when making decisions, or simply need a mental boost, this stone is said to help to revitalize you and boost energy levels.

For increased immunity and protection from illness, bloodstone has been used to stimulate the immune system and fight off infections, inflammation, and colds and flu. It’s also claimed to heighten your intuition, stimulates dreaming, and increases creativity.


  • Motivation
  • Clears energy
  • Emotional Strength
  • Offers Protection


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